Strasbourg University Finite Element Head Model (SUFEHM)


Humanetics is pleased to announce an agreement with Conectus,  the tech transfer affiliate of the University of Strasbourg, to be a global distributor for SUFEHM.  The Strasbourg University Finite Element Head Model (SUFEHM) is a state of the art detailed human head model developed by Strasbourg University for use in predicting head injury.  SUFEHM is primarily used in automotive applications for assessing vehicle crash safety but has also been used in other applications, such as helmet design for motorcycle, bicycle, or military applications.  This advanced head model has been validated to numerous impact conditions and is fitted with relevant tissue level brain injury criteria. It is recognized as one of the best models of the human head in the world.


Humanetics is able to offer the SUFEHM head model attached to a finite element dummy model.  This is especially useful for assessing conditions where there is the potential for hard contact of the head with its surroundings.


SUFEHM Box is a desktop application that runs the model internally based on linear and rotational head accelerations or velocities that are input from the user.  In addition to computing traditional head injury criteria such as HIC and BrIC,  SUFEHM Box will internally run the finite element head model and process the results to calculate an advanced head injury criteria.  Since the head model is run within SUFEHM Box no user finite element experience is required.  SUFEHM Box is being monitored by Euro NCAP to evaluate for future use in the assessment protocol.

SUFEHM Box runs locally and has a simple, easy to use graphical interface.