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Mission Statement

Humanetics is committed to continuous improvement in design, process, and service. Through outstanding customer satisfaction, we will realize our growth goals and confirm our position as a world class supplier of quality products and services.


For over forty years, Humanetics and the companies from which it descended have been leaders in crash test dummy innovation. In the 1950s, they pioneered the industry with the development of research dummies for testing air and space craft ejection seats. The technology of these early dummies provided the foundation for creation of automotive crash test dummies in the early 1960s. Since then, technological advances have contributed to constant improvements in the capabilities, quality and accuracy of crash test dummies. Humanetics produced the Hybrid I and Hybrid II series of dummies in the early 1970s, then introduced the Hybrid III family in 1976.  In 1999, Humanetics acquired the dummy development and manufacturing business of TNO automotive, Europe's leading and largest dummy company, thus creating the first and truly global dummy development and manufacturing company.
Humanetics produces a wide variety of products including regulated and non-regulated crash test dummies, ranging in size from new-born infants to large adult human surrogates. The Humanetics iCrash Technology™ portfolio takes crash testing to the next level by offering devices with fully integrated data acquisition systems. The increasing complexity and variety of crash testing procedures reinforced by shorter product life cycles has pushed the industry to reduce product design cycles considerably. For that reason, Humanetics has developed a large suite of highly detailed and validated finite element crash dummy models to compliment physical product testing; These models are available in most commonly used crash codes: LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH, RADIOSS and ABAQUS. Additionally, Humanetics Engineer to Order capability is able to cater to specific customer needs including design and manufacture of all applicable load cells in the crash safety area. Humanetics is also a worldwide full-service provider, and offers on and off-site customer laboratory management services, training and consultancy. With combined expertise, experience and knowledge from both companies, we as Humanetics are dedicated to provide a stronger platform for the next generation of innovative ATDs and software products for the crash safety industry; together with our partners, we remain a key player to lead the development of future ATDs that reflect the latest technology and biomechanical knowledge available.


Humanetics also includes HITEC Corporation whose focus is on the manufacturing and services of specialized strain gage applications.
Humanetics is the world's leading supplier in the design and manufacture of sophisticated crash test dummies, associated technical support and laboratory services, development and supply of finite element software dummy models for computerized crash test simulations and specialties in static and dynamic strain measurements.
Humanetics is a global company with presence in every geographic area in the world.


Humanetics is the global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of anthropomorphic test devices (ATDs). Humanetics produces a wide variety of products including regulated and non-regulated ATDs ranging in size from newborn infants to large adults that are used in automotive, military and aerospace industries.
Humanetics also offers patented iCrash Technology, which offers crash test devices with fully integrated data acquisition systems. The iCrash portfolio includes: iDummy, iVehicle, iWall, iTrolley and iPole.
In addition, Humanetics offers a large suite of highly detailed and validated finite element crash dummy models. Humanetics, has first hand access to complex material and geometry data in order to make best-in-class crash dummy models. All of these models are available in most commonly used crash codes: LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH, RADIOSS and Abaqus.
Humanetics is also the only full service provider worldwide offering on and off-site customer laboratory management service, training and consultancy.


Headquarters & Instrumentation Manufacturing: The research, development, manufacturing and testing of crash test dummies occur in Humanetics' 100,000-square-foot ultra-modern facility in Farmington Hills, Michigan. This plant is complete with machining centers and state-of-the-art instruments for design, calibration and testing of the dummies. Humanetics is staffed with over 300 employees, including over 50 engineers and technical personnel. Humanetics works on a consulting basis with the Recalibration Laboratory at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. In addition, it has offices in the Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Korea and India to serve the European and Asian markets full technical support on both the physical and virtual product line.
ATD Manufacturing: In 2009, the world’s first purpose-built ATD manufacturing facility in Huron, OH, USA. This 45,000 square foot facility is the first to be built specifically for the manufacturing of crash test dummies; it incorporates a state-of-the-art machining center, engineered vinyl and rubber molding systems, and a 4,500 square foot centrally located dummy certification lab. Having advanced environmental controls in each area, more consistent components can be manufactured in this facility.
Humanetics Europe Since 2001, the Heidelberg, Germany facility has been in place to provide a better presence and support for the European market of the car safety area.  Humanetics Europe is considered to be one of the most important suppliers of the automotive industry in the car safety area with products like crash-test dummies (ATD) and sensors as well as special instrumentations for ATD's.
Humanetics Europe is not only responsible for the products of the Humanetics group but also for a range of selected products of other manufacturers within the crash-test and corresponding product support market.  The products and services are readily available to the European suppliers and manufacturers of the car safety industry within most european countries.
Humanetics Europe also supports the Humanetics distributors in their respective countries with an extensive service package. This includes service, training and technical support for crash-test dummies, force sensors and accelerometers as well as further measures.
Nagoya Facility
Humanetics Japan:  Humanetics has two facilities in Japan, one in Tokyo and the other in Nagoya.


Quality Policy

Our strategy is to harness the best of today's technologies to establish and create the highest quality products. These are important roles in improving the safety, comfort and protection of people and their environment. Through our Management Systems we will provide to our customers the equipment, designs and services that meet and exceed their expectations.
This will be accomplished by:
  1. Providing a safe work environment for all of our employees and guests entering our facility.
  2. The cooperative efforts of all employees of Humanetics
  3. Continuously and systematically improving our processes and services through customer feedback, employee involvement, National and International Quality, Environmental Standards and Regulatory and Legal requirements.
  4. Recognizing disciplines of Quality, Environmental & Laboratory Management as a part of the Management function.
  5. Committing to the preservation of natural resources as an obligation to society.