About Harmonization & Commonization


The Humanetics’ Anthropomorphic Test Device (ATD) commonization efforts focus on using common components, materials, manufacturing processes, and finishes to improve certain aspects of the product performance, simplify ordering and inventory, and gain production efficiencies. For example, a common hand bone with the same metal surface finish would be used for both the First Technology Safety Systems (FTSS) and Denton brand of ATD. The commonization process is driven by Humanetics Innovative Solutions with transparency and customer approval. The basic brand identities and features of each product line are still preserved.


Bringing the world’s leading ATD companies, First Technology Safety Systems (FTSS) and Denton ATD together as subsidiaries of Humanetics Innovative Solutions, has provided a unique opportunity to evaluate the separate brands of crash test dummies, load cells, and certification equipment each has to offer. With a close eye on specific design, regulation requirements, quality standards, and manufacturing processes, Humanetics Innovative Solutions can produce both brands of ATDs more efficiently with improved quality and delivery.
The commonization drive will standardize components of each product line that do not show adverse effect on the static or dynamic performance of the ATDs, instrumentation, or test device. Because both FTSS and Denton utilize many of the same federalized drawing packages and standards, the two brands already manufacture similar components. Most of the differences occur in rust protection, color, minor past customer driven improvements, and varying material suppliers. Commonizing these items is the first step in providing a superior harmonized brand that will ultimately be driven and accepted by the global customer base and government agencies.


Commonization topics will be communicated by Humanetics Innovative Solutions through service bulletins channeled through sales, marketing and the corporate website. The bulletins will allow full review of the topic by global customers and sales representatives who will be given the opportunity to provide individual feedback.


Most commonization proposals will have a desired implementation period and most will require a thirty day window of opportunity for customer comment and feedback before final approval. All feedback is reviewed by our Sales and Engineering teams to ensure all characteristics of the product are considered in the final decision.