Hybrid III 95th Large Male

Available Product Lines

  • ATD Assembly
    • 880995-0000-H


The Hybrid III 95th Large Male Dummy  is currently at build level D, was originally developed by First Technology Safety Systems (then Humanetics) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Biomechanics Subcommittees, CDC and Ohio State University. The dummy represents the largest segment of the adult population and is based on USA anthropometry studies*. The biomechanical impact responses are derived from scaling functions applied to the Hybrid III 50th Dummy. Originally developed in 1988, the dummy is used worldwide for the evaluation of automotive and military safety restraints  and particularly for seat belt integrity testing.

Simulation Models

Humanetics offers highly detailed and fully validated Finite Element Models of its dummies in the codes LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH, ABAQUS and RADIOSS, along with FE modeling consultancy services.

Dummy Features

Head and Neck

The skull and skull cap are one piece cast aluminum parts with removable vinyl skins. The neck is a segmented rubber and aluminum construction with center cable. It accurately simulates the human dynamic moment/rotation flexion and extension response.

Upper Torso

The rib cage is represented by six high strength steel ribs with polymer based damping material to simulate human chest force-deflection characteristics. Each rib unit comprises left and right anatomical ribs in one continuous part open at the sternum and anchored to the back of the thoracic spine.

A sternum assembly connects to the front of the ribs and includes a slider for the chest deflection rotary potentiometer. The angle between the neck and upper torso is adjustable, unless the optional lower neck load cell is used. A two-piece aluminum clavicle and clavicle link assemblies have cast integral scapulae to interface with shoulder belts.

Lower Torso

A curved cylindrical rubber lumbar spine provides human-like slouch of a seated person and mounts to the pelvis. The pelvis is a vinyl skin/urethane foam molded over an aluminum casting in the seated position. The femur and tibia can be instrumented to predict bone fracture and the knee can evaluate tibia to femur ligament injury Lower legs are interchangeable with instrumented versions.

Technical Specifications


Location Description Channels
Head: Triaxial Accelerometer Pack Ax, Ay, Az (HIC)
Six-Axis Upper Neck Load Cell
Six-Axis Lower Neck Load Cell
Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
Triaxial Accelerometers pack
Chest Displacement Transducer
Ax, Ay, Az
Dx (Std. Equipment)
Thoracic Spine: Five-Axis Thoracic Spine Load Cell Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My
Lumbar Spine: Five-Axis Lumbar Spine Load Cell Fx, Fz, My
3 Uniaxial or 1 Triaxial Accelerometers
Uniaxial ASIS Iliac Wing Load Cell Pair, L&R
Ax, Ay, Az
FX Upper & Lower
Uniaxial Load Cell
Six-Axis Load Cell
Fx (per leg)
Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz (per leg)
Knee: Tibia/Femur Displacement (Knee Slide) Dx (per knee)
Lower Legs*:
Biaxial Knee Clevis Load Cells
Four-Axis Upper Tibia Transducers
Four-Axis Lower Tibia Transducers
Fx, Fz (per knee)
Fx, Fz, Mx, My (per leg)
Fx, Fz, Mx, My (per leg)

*Special configurations are available in the upper and lower tibia to include 5 or 6 channels.

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Test Equipment

The following fixtures are required to calibrate and set up the Hybrid III 95th Male Dummy.

Location Description
Head Head Drop
Neck Pendulum
Neck Compression Tool
Chest Impact Test Fixture
Calibration Unit for Chest Deflection Transducer
Chest Depth Gage Assembly
H-Point Locator
Knee Impact/Knee Shear Test
Load Distribution Bracket
Automated Torso Flexion Test Fixture
Torso Flexion Fixture
External Dimensions External Dimensions Seat

Assembly Weights

Part Weight (lb) Weight (kg)
Head Assembly 10.90 ±0.10 4.94 ±0.05
Neck Assembly 3.70 ±0.10 1.68 ±0.05
Upper Torso Assembly w/Jacket (Neck Bracket to Bottom Spine Box) 49.10 ±0.80 22.27 ±0.36
Lower Torso (Femurs and Lower Lumbar Adapting Plate) 66.80 ±0.80 30.30 ±0.36
Upper Arm Assembly (Left & Right) 6.20 ±0.20 2.81 ±0.09
Lower Arm Assembly (Left & Right) 4.55 ±0.10 2.06 ±0.05
Hand Assembly (Left & Right) 1.25 ±0.10 0.57 ±0.05
Upper Leg Assembly (Left & Right) 18.10 ±0.20 8.21 ±0.09
Lower Legs (Left & Right) 12.68 ±0.20 5.75 ±0.09
Foot Assembly (Left & Right) 3.50 ±0.10 1.59 ±0.05 
Total Weight 223.3 ±3.6 101.3 ±1.6

External Dimensions

Description Dimension (in) Dimension (cm)
Head Circumference 23.0 58.4
Head Width 6.1 15.5
Head Depth 7.9 20.0
Erect Sitting Height 36.2 91.9
Shoulder to Elbow Length 14.0 35.6
Back of Elbow to Fingertip 18.8 47.8
Buttock to Knee Length 24.9 63.2
Knee Pivot Height 21 +/- 0.5 53.34 +/- 1.27