ATD Calibration Software

ATD Calibration Software simplifies the task of calibrating your crash test dummies and certifying that they perform in accordance with published specifications such as NHTSA 49 CFR Part 572, SAE J Documents and other regulations. The ATD Calibration Software is used in dummy calibration labs throughout the world to simplify the data acquisition and post processing requirements. Using our software you can perform the same tests we, the manufacturer, perform at our own facilities and printout the same calibration report you receive with new products by following four easy steps:
  1. Enter the sensitivities of the sensors you will be using into the sensor database.
  2. Modify the test setup to assign one of your sensors to each required input
  3. Run the test
  4. Print the report including Pass/Fail results and sensor output graphs.
Read more about each module of the software application below. 

Test Database

  • Database Stores all Sensor, Test Setup, Test Corridor, and Test Result Data
  • Cert module allows you to group tests under one dummy serial number so that you can easily verify that dummy has been properly prepared for a crash test
  • A single test can be processed under multiple corridors
  • Existing test data can be reprocessed using new sensor data or modified corridors preventing you from the need to rerun a test if a mistake was made in any of these areas
  • Quality Trend Reporting can help determine probability of future failures
  • View / Print Test Reports
  • Export to Diadem, Excel, CSV files
  • Test Results
    • Errors Flagged in Red
    • Display Component/Dummy Test Data
    • View results for NHTSA, SAE or Other Corridors
    • Plot Data in Raw, Voltage, Scaled or Resultant views
    • Interactive graph allows zooming, panning, and showing/hiding plots

Test Setup

  • Predefined test setup data for NHTSA, SAE, and other regulations included with system
  • User defined test setups allowed
  • Setup measurement of temperature and humidity
  • Data Acquisition Systems Available
  • DTS
  • Kayser-Threde
  • Others Could be Made Available 

Test Corridors 

  • License Agreements with Humanetcis provide for continuous updates to changing NHTSA, SAE and OTHER testing corridors. You can also change these manually in the test setup program.
  • Ability to Test to Multiple Corridors
  • Reports Available With NHTSA and SAE Corridors 

Sensor Database

  • Enter multiaxis sensors as one record
  • Enter calibration due date to be warned about past due sensors when trying to be used in a calibration test
  • Report on sensors by cal due date
  • Import sensor data from KT database or Paradox file