Automated Torso Flexion

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  • Humanetics - TMA-001
The Humanetics Automated Torso Flexion Test Stand is capable of performing the certification test on all the test dummies specified by the U.S., National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) (Title 49 CFR, Part 572) and the tests designed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) (found in each ATDs respective Engineering Aids). By following the software setup descriptions in the manual, the operator can quickly and easily add new test configurations.
The test stand includes all the mounting hardware and transducers (load cell and angle sensor) necessary to perform the torso flexion test on the H-III3C, H-III6C and H-III5F. The software is configured for these three dummies but tests for up to eight dummy types can be stored and each dummy type can be configured for up to four different tests (NHTSA, SAE, Company and Other). Not only can up to thirty-two different tests be stored but all corridors and test parameters for each test can be easily adjusted by the customer through the controller unit key pad. This provision allows the customer to modify the testing software without expensive upgrades or purchasing new dummy type configurations.

The test stand is fully automated. After starting the software, the integrated control unit will conduct the full forty minute test without supervision or aid. The test stand is integrated with a single-board computer that controls the drive motor and clutches and collects, analyzes and displays the quick results in standard engineering units for easy operation. All testing functions are performed through the integrated controller unit with a user-friendly key pad on the test stand. The easy to use built-in software allows the operator to check the transducers with a real-time voltage display. It also provides the added flexibility of performing tests in "manual" mode to allow the operator to move the upper torso through its range of motion, or to any position, and view transducer outputs throughout the entire range of motion. Analog outputs for the force and angle are provided on the bottom of the controller so that data can be collected by the user’s DAS and software.

An optional ASA software package for use with a personal computer allows the operator to store digital test data. The stored data can be exported to Excel or a similar software package.

The Automated Torso Flexion Stand uses one uniaxial load cell (capacity: 890 N (200 lbf)) and one angle sensor (range: ±70°). Both are included with the fixture.