Thorax Impact Test Fixture

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Available Models

  • Humanetics - TF-300-0000

The Humanetics Thorax Impact Test Stand is used in the calibration and testing of the Hybrid III family, Hybrid II 50th, EuroSID-2/re, SID-HIII, SID, SID-IIs, THOR, WorldSID 50th/5th, Q-Dummies, and BioRID-II. The Thorax Impact Test Stand is designed to perform ATD certification tests as written in the United States Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, Part 572.

The impact probe is suspended from the structural frame by means of four aircraft grade cables. Two additional cables are attached at the rear of the probe to restrict roll and lateral motion of the probe during the drop. All cables are attached to the probe by means of light-weight sheaves, allowing for rapid installation. Turnbuckles are spliced and swaged into the suspension cables to allow for accurate re-positioning of the probe when necessary.

The one uniaxial accelerometer and chest potentiometer required for this test are not included.