Thorax Drop Tower - Rib Only

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Available Models

  • Humanetics - TF-1500-0600

The Humanetics EuroSID Thorax Certification Test Stand is a complete fixture for the calibration and testing of the rib modules for the EuroSID-2 and EuroSID-2re dummies. The fixture is designed
to test EuroSID rib modules at the velocities specified for certification.

The tower is constructed of structural steel tubing with a maximum height of 10.0 ft. Tests are performed by raising the free fall impactor to a specified height. Using an electromagnetic release system, the impactor is released and guided down by two cables.

Once the probe impacts the rib module, a linear potentiometer mounted within the module measures peak deflection. A 7.78 kg impactor is used for rib module and rib alone testing.

The rib linear potentiometer is required for the test but is not included.