Neck Pendulum Test Fixture

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  • Humanetics - TF-200-0000

The Humanetics Neck Pendulum Test Stand is a complete system used for the calibration and testing of the neck and lumbar assemblies. The componnents can be tested in flexion, extension and lateral modes. The neck performance specifications for these tests are velocity at impact, pendulum acceleration, total rotation of the head/ neck system, moment about the occipital condyle, and force.

The neck pendulum is in compliance with the specifications as written in the United States Code of Federal Regulation, Title 49, Part 572 relating to weight, center-of-gravity, moment of inertia, and mounting location of the pendulum accelerometer.

The neck pendulum test is accomplished by releasing the pendulum and allowing it to fall freely to achieve a given impact velocity. The aluminum honeycomb stops the pendulum with a specified acceleration versus time pulse.

Velocity measurements are made by means of an infrared velocity measurement system. This system is made up of an infrared emitter, detector, and a precision slotted vane. The slotted vane is attached to the pendulum, and when dropped, the vane passes between the infrared emitter and detector generating a series of on/off pulses that can be converted into velocity by the data acquisition system.

Honeycomb material is positioned on four (4) aluminum dowel pins mounted on the face of the back stop which locates this material in the proper position between the pendulum striker plate and the back stop.

Various sensors are required for testing necks and lumbars, but are not included.