Foot Impactor Test Fixture

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Available Models

  • Humanetics - TF-1603-0000

The Humanetics Dynamic Foot Impactor Test Stand is used to measure the impact response of the Hybrid III 50th foot per E.C.E. Regulation 94 and the THOR-LX and the THOR-FLX lower legs in accordance with NHTSA specifications. The Foot Impactor provides the test operator with a safe, efficient and easy to use impact test fixture.

The test stand is available in 110VAC+/- 10% 50/60HZ or 220VAC+/-10% 50/60HZ versions. For fast changes between different foot impactor tests, the stand features a removable pendulum.

The pendulum accelerometer and the Hybrid III 50th, THOR-LX and THOR-FLX tibia load cells required for this test are not included.