BioRID-II Mini Sled

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Available Models

  • Humanetics - TRA-101

The Humanetics BioRID-II Mini Sled System is a complete fixture for certifying the Biofidelic Rear Impact Dummy (BioRID-II). The certification test is performed with the upper torso and head (w/o lower torso and arms) attached to a sliding sled fixture that is impacted from the rear for spine flexion and extension.

The Humanetics BioRID mini sled system uses a steel constructed sled coupled to a bearing block and "V" rail guide system. The guide system keeps the sled from jumping up and moving sideways during impact. This increases the repeatability of the results and reduces test to test variation. The torso and head assembly of the BioRID-II ATD are mounted to the sled and impacted from the rear on the Thorax Impact Test Stand.