Dummy Positioning System (DPS)


Dummy Positioning System used for sled and crash tests

About DPS: 
The relevant points of the dummy (H-point, head, knees) are first identified and signaled with measurement adapters. Custom adapters are available for all dummy models. MoveInspect DPS is then positioned in front of the vehicle or the sled setup so that all adapter points are detected by the system. The DPS software shows the operator the current position of the dummy as well as graphical and numerical deviations in the target position.
As all points on the dummy are measured and displayed simultaneously, the operator can quickly and manually place the dummy into its target position. With dynamic referencing, output data is not affected by a change in the positioning of the vehicle or measuring device. MoveInspect DPS recognizes the coordinate system of the vehicle and compensates for any movements.
The system also provides measurement of additional coordinates of single points, lengths, clearances or angles with the probe according to a predefined measuring plan. The results are shown in a measurement report allowing for further individual processing via an XML export.
System Configuration:
  • High-resolution digital cameras in industrial housing
  • Variable camera base on movable tripod
  • Independent of surrounding light by IR-LED illumination
  • Wireless, interchangeable probe tips with precision bayonet
  • Dummy adapter kit
  • Specifications 
  • User-independent and reproducible dummy positioning according to international guidelines
  • Simultaneous acquisition of several measurement points in 3D
  • Nominal-actual value comparison
  • Complete freedom of movement via optical tracking
  • Precise measurement in unstable environments via “dynamic referencing”
  • Mobile, transportable, deployable in any location
  • Quick positioning for crash or sled testing
  • Modular system, expandable for new measurements
In new car development, crash and sled tests are critical tools to enhance vehicle safety and minimize the risk of injury to passengers. The seamless combination of the Dummy Positioning System (DPS) and ProCam significantly improves the efficiency of the pre-crash preparation and post-crash measurement processes. 
Use of the DPS dramatically reduces pre-crash setup time, while offering robust and repeatable measuring results. The ProCam system offers customers a highly flexible alternative to a conventional coordinate measuring machine (CMM) or articulated arm for pre- and post-crash measurements. 
Efficient and high-precision production monitoring, quality control, inspection and reliable reverse engineering are absolutely essential to be competitive in a global market.
In the field of industrial metrology and beyond, optical and portable non-contact 3D measuring systems are essential.  We offer optimized solutions around your inspection and digitization tasks to maximize the quality of your products.