UNECE R29 Manikin

UNECE Regulation 29 specifies that commercial truck cabs must be designed to guarantee sufficient survival space for the driver and passenger in the event of an accident.
  • MANIKIN ECE-R29/0 + TRANSPORT BOX                               
Humanetics has developed a manikin specifically for UNECE R29 survival space tests, including frontal pendulum impact and roof strength. The manikin is based on a 50% Hybrid male. Integrated hip joints enable a 20 degree lateral rotation of the legs, and joints between the upper legs and torso allow for a 45 degree rotation of the legs.
This new dummy is significantly more cost-effective for UNECE R29 testing than the HII or HIIIU 50th dummy, as it has been engineered for quasi static intrusion tests only and so lacks any additional instrumentation that is unnecessary for these test scenarios.