Available Models

  • Humanetics - 125-0000

"Jasper," an acronym for Juvenile Anthropomorphic Seat-belt Position Evaluation Rig, is a new tool for the static evaluation of automotive child booster seats.


Humanetics, in collaboration with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), has created a Hybrid III 6-year-old sized booster seat belt fit Anthropomorphic Test Device (ATD) dubbed "Jasper." The IIHS conducts their Booster Seat Belt Fit Evaluation Protocol to measure the proper placement of seat belts on children across a range of lap and shoulder belt anchorage locations. The quality of the seat belt locations are translated into lap and shoulder belt scores for booster seats. The IIHS protocol is based on research conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI).

The Hybrid III 6-year-old size is used to represent booster-age children and the new belt fit dummy was conceived using CAD model data of the 6-year-old’s geometry. Unique to this belt fit ATD is that it represents the first wholly 3-D printed product offered by Humanetics. Each piece of the ATD is produced with cutting edge printing technology using acrylic materials.

Jasper provides an alternative to using a complete Hybrid III 6-year-old dummy in the IIHS evaluation protocol. The belt fit dummy offers rigid surfaces with built-in scales that produce consistent measurements all the time. This ATD is also a more cost effective alternative for customers who may not carry a full Hybrid III 6-year-old in their dummy fleet.


Jasper includes a head, neck, torso, lumbar, abdomen ballast, pelvis and upper legs. Scales are directly printed onto the torso and pelvis.

Physical Dimensions  
Height: 25.15 in.
Width: 8.88 in.
Depth: 16.60 in.
Weight: 45.00 lbs.

! Note: Jasper is not designed nor intended for use in dynamic testing applications. Jasper is for static belt fit evaluation only.