Driving Robot

The Driving Robot allows for accurate and reproducible testing without the human-factor variability in autonomous test maneuvers. 
The unique build of the Driving Robot is characterized by its space-saving, compact design that enables quick and hassle-free installation. The steering and throttle/brake robots are interconnected to provide ample room for electronics and data acquisition systems as well as easy access for test engineers. In addition, the all-inclusive driving robot box, containing all electronic components can be easily installed with ISOFIX in the rear seat or with a click-in connector into the trunk.
The Driving Robot can be installed without interfering with the original steering wheel, airbag or the seating position of the operator; the seating knee area is also kept clear so the safety of the occupant is not compromised. The Robot turntable simulates the orginal grasp of the car steering wheel for ease of use when needed and is free of any support-arm structures to the windshield or passenger side window. In addition, the Robot contains a built-in safety feature that allows the operator to take control of the vehicle any time by pushing a release button. 
The Driving Robot is the perfect complement to the Ultra Flat Overrunable platform (UFO) and shares the same HMI. 
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Ultra-compact design for space saving
  • No modification to the test car required
  • Orginal (OEM) steering wheel remains intact
  • Free of obstacles in front of the steering wheel
  • No rigging/support needed on windshield or side windows