Dummy Integration

Humanetics provides elite services for sensor and Data Acquisition System (DAS) integration into our existing product line. Having Humanetics as the integrator assures that your dummy meets regulatory requirements and upholds the Humanetics product warranty.


The iDummy system uses the same sensors as existing dummies. There are no changes to the load cells, accelerometers or potentiometers other than the installation of an ID chip, shortened cable and a miniature connector.


The iDummy system makes use of an internal wiring harness wherever possible that is custom designed to the dummy type. The wiring harness is routed through the dummy either using the internal bone structure or channels molded into the flesh. We may add additional cable clamps to the dummy to secure and protect the cables which can involve a small tapped hole or a recess machined into the existing skeleton. These modifications are carefully designed to not change the range of motion, mass or stiffness of the parts.

Data Acquisition System

Humanetics supports and installs a variety of different Data Acquisition Systems from various suppliers including DTS, Messring, Kyowa, Kistler and Hentschel. Having Humanetics install and validate the complete system gives our customers a true turnkey solution.