Highly Engineered Industrial Sensors

HITEC Sensor Solutions  

Experts in strain gage technology: HITEC has over forty years of experience in design and manufacture of custom force, load, torque, and pressure transducers as well as expert strain gage instrumentation services for the installation of various sensors for stress analysis applications.

Custom Transducers

Our expertise applies foil and semi-conductor strain gage technology and skill to create one-of-a kind transducers for converting mechanical forces into electrical signals for measuring force, torque, load and pressure integrated from various strain locations. Top quality manufacturing capabilities offer turn-key OEM transducer solutions for any quantity.

Strain Gaging Services

Our strain sensor application expertise includes foil strain gages, semi-conductor strain gages, free-filament strain gages, RTD sensors, thermocouples, heat flux sensors as well as on site machining and calibration for outsourcing the most critical part of any strain measurement project. Services are also offered on-site along with data acquisition for large scale projects.
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