Load Cell Design, Manufacture & Gage Room


Humanetics is an International Group designing, manufacturing and supporting products and services in the fields of sensing, measurement and safety testing to the global transportation industry. Humanetics has over 50 years experience in the design and production of crash test dummies and dummy calibration equipment. This design and manufacturing experience combined with the latest finite element modeling techniques are essential elements in the production of state of the art load cells. The culmination of these critical technical capabilities assures that Humanetics load cells perform accurately under the unique testing applications experienced in automotive and aerospace crash tests.


Over 50 years of crash test dummy design experience.
Finite element computer modeling.
Load cell design team led by personnel with extensive academic and commercial design of instrumentation.
Custom design applications for special requirements.


Employees with over 30 years experience in application of strain gages.
State of the art processing and computer controlled calibration equipment lab.
Re-calibration services for all crash dummy load cells.

Quality System

Quality workmanship and state of the art materials, components and technology are used in the manufacture of load cells. When completed, each transducer is individually tested and calibrated to rigid electrical and mechanical performance tests. An additional calibration is performed prior to shipment and that date is entered on the identification decal to ensure maximum calibration service life. All production and calibration equipment have calibrations traceable to NIST-National Institute of Standards and Technology (Formerly NBS).
Products and services are controlled by an ISO 17025 Accredited Quality System.
Technical Support & Service
  • Direct technical sales and engineering team for customer support.
  • World-wide sales and support offices.