ES-2 50th Male Side Impact

Available Product Lines

  • E2.AI-H (ATD Assembly)


The ES-2 side impact dummy is the next generation of the EuroSID1 dummy, incorporating many enhancements recommended by users and regulators around the world. The ES-2 was developed by the SID2000 program, a consortium of European researchers, automotive manufacturers and dummy manufacturers, and coordinated by TNO of the Netherlands.

Simulation Models

Humanetics offers highly detailed and fully validated Finite Element Models of its dummies in the codes LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH, ABAQUS and RADIOSS, along with FE modeling consultancy services.

Dummy Features:

Head and Neck

The head is based on the Hybrid III 50th Male head and can now be equipped with a six-axis upper neck load cell to evaluate neck injury and head contact loads. Head rotational accelerations can optionally be measured. The neck is based on the EuroSID1 dummy and matches the human response to lateral flexion and can be calibrated with replaceable neck buffer elements. A lower neck six-axis load cell is also available.


The Thorax consists of three rib modules with a sprung linear slide and hydraulic damper mounted inside a steel spring outer band. Linear potentiometers measure rib deflection and the viscous criteria. The arm is attached to a rotating shoulder/clavicle mechanism.

The ES-2 thorax has several enhancements over the EuroSID1 dummy. The rib module linear guides are modified to have minimal friction under non-lateral loadings. The shoulder clavicle is more flexible and has Teflon buttons to reduce friction. The back plate width is reduced to minimize seat interaction and a back plate load cell measures unintended seat contact.

The abdomen is a weighted deformable element with internal load cells to measure load transfer through the abdomen. The abdomen calibration corridors have been updated to improve biofidelity and reliability and a T12 load cell measures load transfer between the upper and lower torso. A neoprene jacket zips over the entire upper torso assembly.


The pelvis contains two deformable urethane iliac wings attached to the sacrum block with load cells at the lower lumbar spine and pubic symphysis. The pelvis flesh is simulated by a vinyl skin over urethane foam molding with foam inserts at the trochanters. A tilt sensor now measures the pelvic angle during test set up.


The ES-2 thighs use a high density foam for a more human-like mass distribution, and six axis femur load cells can be fitted to the dummy.

Technical Specifications


Location Description Channels
Triaxial Accelerometer Pack
9 ACC Rotational acceleration pack
Ax, Ay, Az
Wx,Wy,Wz, Ax,Ay,Az
Six-Axis Upper Neck Load Cell
Six-Axis Lower Neck Load Cell
Shoulder Three axis load cell
Triax accelerometer pack
Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
3 Rib displacements
3 Rib accelerations
Four axis torso back plate load cell
Triax accelerometer pack
Four axis T12 load cell
3 Abdomen load cells
Three axis lower lumbar spine load cell
Pubic symphysis load cell
Triax accelerometer pack
Six axis femur load cell

Test Equipment

The following fixtures are required to calibrate and setup this Dummy:
Location Description
Head drop table
Head drop support
Neck Pendulum
ES-2 Headform
ES-2 Headform interface
Thorax pendulum, including chest impact probe
Thorax certification drop rig
Teflon sheets
Abdomen Impactor face for abdomen test