Hybrid III 5F Pedestrian

Available Product Lines

  • Pedestrian Conversion Kit
    • 880105-PEDKIT-DN


The Hybrid III 5th Percentile Pedestrian Dummy is a Hybrid III Automotive Crash Test Dummy modified in the lower torso and knee regions for testing automotive-pedestrian impacts. The Hybrid III 5th female (Part 572, Subpart O) has the enhanced biofidelity of the 50th percentile Hybrid III and is thus an appropriate basis for the 5th female pedestrian.

Non-automotive applications for this test dummy include equipment and injury potential studies of recreation vehicles, wheel chairs, medical equipment and sports gear.

The size and weight of the 5th Percentile Pedestrian Test Dummy represents an “average” of the USA adult 5th female population. This dummy design incorporates the ranges of motion, centers of gravity and body part weights defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers’ anthropometric studies to simulate those of human subjects.


  • Anthropomorphic one-piece cast aluminum skull and one-piece skull cap, have vinyl skin. Skull cap is removable for access to head instrumentation.
  • Rubber and aluminum segmented neck has anthropomorphic angle versus moment response in dynamic flexion (forward bending) and extension (rearward bending) articulations.
  • Cable through axis of neck limits stretching, controls responses and increases durability. Two-piece aluminum clavicle and clavicle-link assembly has cast integral scapulae to interface with shoulder belts.
  • Six spring steel ribs with polymer-based damping material approximate human chest force-deflection characteristics. Each rib comprises left and right anatomical ribs in one continuous part open at front and anchored to back of thoracic spine. Sternum assembly connects front of ribs and incorporates slider for chest deflection transducer, which is standard and measures rib cage deflection relative to spine.
  • Knee slider mechanism is removed yielding knee joint with rotation only.
  • Straight lumbar spine replaces curved spine in automotive dummy allowing erect posture.
  • Steel tube leg assemblies are covered with vinyl foam and vinyl skin. Lower legs and feet are interchangeable with instrumented versions.
  • Constant friction movable joints need fewer adjustments and provide consistent flexion and extension articulations.
  • Options include pelvis, neck shield and deformable face.


The following materials used in the dummy construction follow Federal Code requirements for the standard Hybrid III automotive dummy.
  • Steel skeletal components with some aluminum and bronze joints
  • Solid vinyl head skin and cap
  • Butyl rubber neck

Technical Specifications

Instrumentation, Suggested

  • Three or 6-axis neck transducer*
  • Six-axis lower neck transducer
  • Chest load cells
  • Five-axis thoracic spine load cell
  • Six-axis lumbar spine load cell
  • Three uniaxial (or one triaxial) accelerometers in pelvis
  • Three-axis upper femur force load cell
  • Six-axis femur force load cell Instrumented lower leg
    • Knee clevis load cell, 2 z-axis
    • Upper tibia transducer, 2-axis
    • Lower tibia transducer, 3-axis
*Required for lab certification per 49 CRF Part 572 Subpart E.