THOR Lower Extremities

Available Models

  • Humanetics
    • 472-7000-1-DN - Leg Assembly Left, THOR-LX 
    • 472-7000-2-DN - Leg Assembly Right, THOR-LX


The THOR Advanced Lower Leg exhibits improved biofidelic response and is designed to fit either the THOR-50M or the HIII 50M dummies. 


  • Humanlike ankle motion in dorsi-flexion/plantar flexion and inversion/eversion directions.
  • Achilles tendon representation
  • Humanlike foot performance in dynamic loading
  • Compliant axial loading in tibia shaft

Performance Requirements

The THOR-LX performance is currently certified according to the NHTSA NCAP THOR-50M Qualification Procedures, August 2016.


The THOR-LX uses the Denton HIII 50th Upper and Lower Tibia load cells and 3-axis rotary potentiometers in the ankle. A tri-axial accelerometer can be mounted in the foot. Two accelerometers can mounted on the leg tube. Accelerometers are not included.
  • Model 4353J 4-Channel Upper Tibia Load Cell
  • Model 4509J 5-Channel Upper Tibia Load Cell
  • Model 4929J 5-Channel Lower Tibia Load Cell
  • Model 5145J 1-Channel Achilles Load Cell