Hybrid II 50th Male


Available Product Lines

  • Denton Brand - SA-150-M002 (ATD Assembly, non-instrumented)


The Hybrid II 50th Percentile Male Test Dummy, originally designed by Alderson Research Laboratories, was modified by General Motors and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) using Alderson and Sierra Engineering parts. This dummy was capable of generating test data with sufficient biofidelity to be used for automotive crashworthiness testing. In 1973, the dummy was mandated by NHTSA for use in testing automotive restraint systems to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety StandardNo.208 (FMVSS 208).

Non-automotive applications for the Hybrid II test dummy include equipment and injury potential studies of recreation vehicles, wheel chairs, medical equipment and sports gear.

The size and weight of the Hybrid II 50th Percentile Male Test Dummy represent the "average" of the USA adult male population. The design incorporates the range of motions, centers of gravity and segment masses determined by anthropometric studies to simulate those of human subjects.

Simulation Models

Humanetics offers highly detailed and fully validated Finite Element Models of its dummies in the codes LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH, ABAQUS and RADIOSS, along with FE modeling consultancy services

Dummy Features

Head and Neck

Three-piece skull weldment with vinyl skin has a two-piece back-plate weldment for access to instrumentation.

Cylindrical rubber neck assembly is mounted on neck bracket with fixed angle of 15 degrees forward.

Upper Torso

Torso features steel thoracic spine cast aluminum clavicles with anatomical scapulae, steel ribs mounted to thorax, and rear access instrument cavity for accelerometers. Chest flesh with rear zipper covers the entire assembly and is easily removed. A diaphragm is incorporated above the abdominal cavity. Six left and right pairs of steel ribs have bonded composite damping material, covered with shrink fit tubing. Ribs are mounted at back to thoracic spine and joined by leather sternum in front. Rib cage accepts chest displacement transducer.

Lower Torso

Abdomen with vinyl skin and foam flesh is easily removed from area surrounding lumbar spine.

Pelvis has ball and socket femur joints with friction plungers to control hip ball motion. Cast bronze femurs with slotted ball control range of motion.

Legs are steel skeletons with vinyl skin and foam flesh. Thighs accept femur force load cells or force measurement. Knee and thigh flesh are removable. Standard model is sit construction only. Options include sit/stand version, submarining indicator pelvis, and selected instrumentation.

Straight cylindrical butyl rubber lumbar spine incorporates cable for strength.


The following materials used in the dummy construction are required by Federal Code:

  • Steel skeletal components with some aluminum and bronze joints
  • Solid vinyl head skin and cap
  • Natural rubber neck
  • Vinyl skin chest jacket over vinyl foam with Ensolite® pad assembled behind the ribs
  • Butyl rubber lumbar spine
  • Vinyl skin covering urethane foam abdomen
  • Vinyl skin and vinyl foam flesh pelvis over cast aluminum skeleton
  • Vinyl skin and vinyl foam flesh arms and legs over steel skeletons.
  • Solid vinyl hand skin over steel skeletons

Technical Specifications


Location Description Channels
Head: 3 Accelerometers in a Triax Pack Ax,Ay,Az (used for HIC)
3 Accelerometers in a triaxial array
Lumbar Spine:
Three-Axis Lumbar Spine Load Cell
Six-Axis Lumbar Spine Load Cell
Fx, Fy, Fz
3 Accels or 1 Triax pack
Ax, Ay, Az
Uniaxial Femur Load Cell
Fx (per leg)

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Test Equipment

Assembly Weights

Part Weight (lb) Weight (kg)
Head 11.2 5.08
Upper Torso 41.5 18.82
Lower Torso 35.9 16.28
Upper Arms 9.6 4.35
Lower Arms and Hands 9.6 4.35
Upper Legs 36.8 16.69
Lower Legs and Feet 19.4 8.80
Total Weight 164.0 74.37

External Dimensions

Description Dimension (in) Dimension (cm)
Head Circumference 22.5 57.2
Head Width 6.1 15.5
Head Length 7.7 19.6
Erect Sitting Height 35.7 90.7
Shoulder to Elbow Length 13.8 35.1
Elbow to Finger Tip Length 18.1 46.0
Buttock to Knee Pivot Length 20.4 51.8
Knee Pivot to Floor Length 19.6 49.8