Hybrid III 6 Year Old Child

Available Product Lines

  • 127-0000-H (ATD Assembly)


The Hybrid III 6 Year Old Child Crash Test Dummy was developed in cooperation with the SAE Biomechanics Committees and the National Highway Transport Safety Administration (NHTSA). Originally designed in 1993, the dummy went through a complete upgrade in 1997 to enable the dummy to evaluate airbag aggressiveness when a child is close to a deploying airbag. The "Out Of Position" (OOP) test procedures require a dummy to accurately measure neck loading, chest compression and Viscous Criterion while being durable and repeatable in these severe test conditions. The Hybrid III 6 Year Old dummy is dynamically tested and proven to the latest frontal crash environments. The anthropometry of the dummy is derived from NHTSA Research studies* and the biomechanical corridors are derived from scaling of the adult dummies.

Simulation Models

Humanetics offers highly detailed and fully validated Finite Element Models of its dummies in the codes LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH, ABAQUS and RADIOSS, along with FE modeling consultancy services.

Dummy Features

Head and Neck

The skull is a two-piece aluminum casting with a removable vinyl skin certified to head drop impact test. Tri-axial accelerometer pack for calculation of HIC. Neck is a flexible, molded butyl rubber construction with a center cable to limit elongation. Nodding blocks at the occipital condyle pivot. Certified to biofidelic flexion and extension moment/rotation corridors. Optional 6-axis upper and lower neck load cells available.

Upper Torso

Ballasted steel spine box supports six high-strength steel ribs bonded to polymer based damping material. A urethane bib and aluminum/nylon sternum carry accelerometers for measurement of Viscous Criterion in OOP Airbag testing. Rib vertical motion is controlled by upper and lower rib guides and sternum bump stops limit total chest deflection. The upper torso is certified to thorax pendulum impact and lumbar flexion tests. A two-piece aluminum clavicle and clavicle link assemblies have cast integral scapulae to interface with shoulder belts. Limbs are vinyl skin over urethane foam over welded steel skeleton.

Lower Torso

Cylindrical rubber lumbar spine with center cable mounts on an optional 6 axis lumbar load cell. The pelvis assembly is vinyl skin over urethane foam construction, molded in the seated position. The pelvic bone is a welded aluminum construction with optional biaxial load cells on each ilium. A triaxial accelerometer pack mounts in the rear of the pelvis. Abdominal insert controls lumbar flexion. Legs are vinyl skin over urethane foam molded over a welded steel skeleton.

Technical Specifications


All instrumentation is optional except for chest deflection potentiometer. Standard dummy is delivered with structural replacements for the load cells.

Location Description Channels
Head: 3 Accelerometers in a Triax Pack Ax, Ay, Az (HIC)
6-Axis Upper Neck Load Cell
6-Axis Lower Neck Load Cell
Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
3 Accelerometers in a Triax Pack
2 Accelerometers in a Spine
Ax, Ay, Az (Chest Accel)
Ax opposite Ribs 1 & 6(V*C)
Sternum: 2 Accelerometer in the Strenum Ax Ribs 1 & 6(V*C)
Lumbar Spine: 6-Axis Lumbar Spine Load Cell Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
3 Accelerometers in a Triax Pack
2-Axis  A.S.I.S. Load Cells
Ax, Ay, Az
Fx, Fx (upper & lower)
Uniaxial Femur Load Cell
or 6-Axis Femur Load Cell
Fx (one per leg)
Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz (one per leg)

Test Equipment

The following FTSS fixtures are required to calibrate this dummy.

Location Description
Head Head Drop Test
Neck Pendulum
Neck Mounting Adapter Plate
Thorax Pendulum
Chest Probe (2.96Kg/6.3lbs) Assembly
Chest Deflection Calibration Unit
Chest Depth gage Assembly
H-Point Locator
Torso Flexion Automated Torso Flexion Fixture
Knee Impact Fixture
Knee Impact Probe
Femur Load Cell Adaptor
Ext. Dimensions External Dimensions Seat

Assembly Weights

Part Weight (lb) Tolerance (+/-)
Head 7.66 .10
Neck 1.20 .30
Upper Torso  w/Jacket 12.25 .40
Lower Torso 13.75 .40
Upper Arm, Left or Right 1.05 .04
Lower Arm, Left or Right 1.00 .04
Hand, Left or Right 0.37 .03
Upper Leg, Left or Right 3.20 .20
Lower Leg, Left or Right 1.90 .10
Foot, Left or Right 0.85 .04
Total Weight 51.60 1.50

External Dimensions

Description Dimension (in) Tolerance (+/-)
Total Sitting Height 25.0 .5
Stature 44.9 1.6
Head Circumference 20.5 .4
Head Breadth 5.6 .2
Head Back from Backline 0.8 .1
Head Depth 6.8 .2
Shoulder Pivot Height 14.0 .3
Shoulder Pivot from Backline 2.3 .2
Shoulder Breadth 10.5 .3
Shoulder to Elbow Length 8.8 .3
Elbow Rest Height 6.6 .4
Back of Elbow to Wrist Point 7.5 .3
Chest Circ. w/Jacket 24.0 .5
Ref. Location for Chest Circ. 13.0 .2
Chest Depth without Jacket 5.4 .3
Waist Circumference 22.5 .5
Ref. Location for Waist Circ. 6.25 .2
Hip Pivot Height 2.7 .2
Hip Width 8.5 .3
Hip Pivot from Backline 3.7 .2
Buttock to Knee Pivot Length 13.9 .4
Buttock to Knee Length 15.0 .4
Buttock Popliteal Length 13.0 .4
Thigh Clearance 3.8 .3
Popliteal Height 11.0 .4
Knee Pivot Height 12.4 .3
Foot Length 7.0 .3
Foot Breadth 2.75 .3