Hybrid III 3 Year Old Child

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  • 210-0000-H (ATD Assembly)


The Hybrid III 3 Year Old Child Crash Test Dummy is developed in cooperation with the SAE Biomechanics Committees and the National Highway Transport Safety Administration (NHTSA). Originally developed in 1992, the dummy went through a complete upgrade in 1997 to enable the dummy to evaluate airbag aggressiveness when a child is close to a deploying airbag. The "Out Of Position" (OOP) test procedures require the dummy to accurately measure neck loading, chest compression and the Viscous Criterion while being durable and repeatable in these severe test conditions. The dummy can be positioned standing or sitting and can evaluate the safety performance of many types of child restraint systems. The Hybrid III 3 Year Old dummy is dynamically tested and proven to the latest test conditions. The anthropometry of the dummy is derived from University of Michigan Transport Research Institute (UMTRI) studies* and scaled data from the current Hybrid III 50th dummy.

Simulation Models

Humanetics offers highly detailed and fully validated Finite Element Models of its dummies in the codes LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH, ABAQUS and RADIOSS, along with FE modeling consultancy services.

Dummy Features

Head and Neck

Fiberglass skull and cap with vinyl skin. Certified to head drop impact test. Tri-axial accelerometer pack for HIC calculation and one accelerometer for measurement of head rotation. Neck is a segmented, flexible, molded butyl rubber construction with a center cable to limit elongation. Certified to biofidelic flexion and extension moment/rotation corridors. Optional upper and lower 6 axis neck load cells available.

Upper Torso

Ballasted steel spine box supports three high-strength steel ribs bonded with polymer based damping material. A urethane bib and aluminum sternum carry accelerometers for measurement of Viscous Criterion in frontal impact. Rib vertical motion is limited by upper and lower rib guides and sternum bump stops limit total chest deflection. The upper torso is certified to thorax pendulum impact and lumbar flexion tests. The shoulder pivot joints and elastomeric links provide biofidelic ranges of motion and bi-axial shoulder load cells are available.

Lower Torso

Cylindrical rubber lumbar spine with cable mounts on an optional 6 axis lumbar load cell. The pelvic bone is a welded aluminum construction with optional biaxial load cells on each ilium at the ASIS, a biaxial pubic load cell, and a left and right acetabulum uniaxial load cell. A triaxial accelerometer pack mounts in the rear of the pelvis. Limbs are urethane and Ensolite™ foam molded over a welded steel skeleton.

Technical Specifications


Location Description Channels
3 Accelerometers in a Triax Pack
1 Accelerometer
Ax, Ay, Az (HIC)
Az (angular accel.)
6-Axis Upper Neck (C1) Load Cell
6-Axis Lower Neck (C7/T1) Load Cell
Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
Shoulder: 2-Axis Shoulder Load Cell Fx, Fz
3 Accelerometers in a Triax Pack T1, T4 & T12
1 Accelerometer inline with Rib 3
Ax, Ay, Az
Ax (VC Calculation)
Sternum: 2 Accelerometers at Ribs 1 and 3 Ax (VC calculation)
Lumbar Spine: 6-Axis Lumbar Spine Load Cell Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
3 Accelerometers in a Triax Pack
2-Axis Pubic Load Cell
Uniaxial Acetabulum Load Cells
2-Axis ASIS Load Cells
Ax, Ay, Az
Fx, Fz
Fy (one per side)
Fx, Fx (Upper & Lower) (ne per side)

Test Equipment

The following fixtures are required to calibrate and set up this Dummy:
Location Description
Head Drop Fixture
Structural Replacement
Head Suspension Cable
Neck Pendulum
Head form for Neck Testing
Thorax Fixture
Chest Deflection Calibration Unit
Chest Probe Assembly
Chest Depth Gage Assembly
Automated Torso Fixture
Torso Flexion Brackets
External Dimensions External Dimensions Seat

Assembly Weights

Part Weight (lb) Tolerance (+/-)
Head Assembly 6.00 .10
Neck Assembly 1.74 .10
Torso Assembly w/Jacket 15.43 .40
Upper Arm, Left or Right 0.97 .10
Lower Arm, Left or Right 1.01 .10
Upper Leg, Left or Right 2.23 .20
Lower Leg, Left or Right 1.34 .10
Foot, Left or Right 0.68 .10
Total Weight 35.65 1.70

External Dimensions

Description Dimension (in) Tolerance (+/-)
Total Sitting Height 21.50 .30
Chest Depth w/Jacket 5.75 .30
Shoulder Pivot Height 12.40 .30
Foot Length 5.62 .20
Hip Pivot Height 1.55 .20
Stature 37.20 .50
Hip Pivot from Backline 2.44 .20
Buttock to Knee Pivot Length 10.10 .20
Shoulder Pivot from Backline 2.60 .20
Head Breadth 5.35 .30
Thigh Clearance 3.39 .20
Head Depth 6.89 .30
Back of Elbow to Fingertip 10.04 .30
Hip Breadth 8.20 .30
Head Back from Backline 2.10 .20
Shoulder Breadth 9.61 .30
Shoulder to Elbow Length 7.60 .30
Foot Breadth 2.31 .20
Elbow Rest Height 5.56 .30
Head Circumference 20.00 .30
Buttock to Knee Length 11.51 .30
Chest Circumference w/Jacket 21.25 .50
Popliteal Height 8.90 .30
Waist Circumference 21.25 .50
Knee Pivot Height 9.81 .30
Ref. Location for Chest Circ. 10.00 .20
Buttock Popliteal Length 8.88 .30
Ref. Location for Waist Circ. 6.50 .20