CAMI Newborn

Available Models

  • Humanetics - DTL-SA100N


CAMI Newborn Dummy

FMVSS 213 Standard specified in NHTSA 49CFR, Part 572, Subpart K

Dummy Features

This dummy is based upon a leather skeleton, which has approximately the external shape of the dummy when viewed frontally. Casted lead or aluminum blocks are attached to the head, upper/lower arms, upper/lower parts of the torso and upper/lower legs to approximate the mass distribution of the corresponding infant. The aluminum blocks are used on arms and legs to prevent to reverse motion at elbows and knees. These weights are riveted to the skeleton. The flesh of the dummy consists of polyurethane foam padding, cut to patterns provide the data package and applied pursuant to detailed instructions on the drawings and report.  The dummy is covered in marine canvas, made according to patterns contained in the data package. The covering consists of lower body cover, an upper body cover, a torso cover and a head cover. These are sewn to each other and are closed fully about the dummy be means of lacing cord. After assembly, the external dimensions shown on the drawings are verified and corrected.