Military Lower Extremity (50th Male) Legs

Available Models


The MIL-LX (Military Lower Extremity) lower leg is designed as a surrogate for analyzing the effectiveness of Anti-Vehicular Land Mine (AVLM) countermeasures. This advanced design incorporates aspects of both the standard H3-50th lower leg and the THOR-LX leg. It is a straight leg design with energy-absorbing elements, optimized for measurement of vertical forces and accelerations.


  • The MIL-LX tibia design aligns the knee pivot, tibia axis, and ankle pivot by incorporating a straight knee clevis and straight ankle.
  • The tibia compression element is designed to simulate PMHS response to blast-induced axial loading.
  • The H3-50th style foot includes an energy-absorbing pad in the heel.
  • Reinforced lower tibia load cell attachment, with increased stability and strength.
  • Ankle is designed to be perpendicular to the sole plate of the foot and the ball lowered to closely match the THOR-LX center of ankle rotation.
  • Includes custom-made lower leg flesh with Velcro® closures.
  • Pedestrian knee - lower leg attachment blocks for added strength and durability.
  • Optional instrumentation includes: Model 4509J 5-channel upper tibia load cell, Model 4929J 5-channel lower tibia load cell, (3) tibia accelerometers, and (4) foot accelerometers.