Facial and Ocular CountermeasUre for Safety Headform (FOCUS)

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Available Models

  • Humanetics - 575-1000


Facial and Ocular CountermeasUre for Safety Headform.
In order to provide a suitable test platform for eye and facial injury mitigation devices, Humanetics collaborated with the Virginia Tech - Wake Forest Center for Injury Biomechanics and the U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory to develop a physical headform capable of measuring facial and eye impact loads. The headform will be used to test and evaluate various protective devices and other equipment under impact events.


The FOCUS headform was designed as a modular system with the ability to select the instrumentation applicable for a variety of test scenarios. The headform features 8 discrete facial bones, 2 synthetic eye modules, and up to 11 available load cells, and is compatible with the standard Hybrid-III neck.

Synthetic Eye Modules

The FOCUS headform features two modular synthetic eyes for the prediction of eye injury from non-penetrating impacts. PMHS eyes can be mounted for the prediction of eye injury from penetrating impacts.