Platinum Express Spare Parts Program

July 10, 2015 - Humanetics Innovative Solutions, Inc. Introduces the new Platinum Express Spare Parts Program that immediately ships spares from North American Inventory.

In response to worldwide customer feedback, Humanetics Innovative Solutions, Inc., the global leader in the development of biofidelic crash test dummies, is pleased to announce a new Platinum Spare Parts Program in an effort to enhance immediate component availability on select high demand parts.

Over the past few years Humanetics has consistently reduced delivery times on the most frequently requested spare parts.  However, the Platinum Express Program takes it to the ‘next plateau’ offering a new level of service for the most utilized spare parts that can ship from our North American manufacturing facilities by the end of the next business day!  Our customers can further select express shipment options to guarantee specific delivery based on their unique level of urgency and worldwide location.

To support our Customer’s spare parts delivery expectations, Humanetics has increased its manufacturing capacity, improved demand forecasting and increased inventory levels for high use spare parts. These efforts have played a significant role in building sufficient stock levels to support our customers worldwide.

The focus of the new Platinum Express Spare Parts Program is to service our global customers who have emergency or urgent needs with an immediate turnaround for minimal quantities of spare parts.

The Program offers 24 hour business day shipments from Humanetics North American manufacturing facilities for approximately 350 listed spare parts. These parts can be ordered worldwide but may take longer to reach customers worldwide, depending on selected delivery options and availability. The list of components can be found on the Humanetics website and has been generated from a 3 year historical analysis of sales from both regulated and future regulation test dummies. With market shifts and newly released Harmonized dummies, the Program’s component mix is subject to change.

To be able to serve the immediate needs for all global customers, it is recommended that orders are limited to few pieces of the same component.  Customers must contact their regional sales offices for immediate delivery arrangements of this newly created Platinum spare parts program.

The families of dummies listed below are included in the Program. Please refer to the Humanetics website listing to determine individual component inclusion.

 “We are excited that we can further support our customer’s needs for highly urgent components by offering this new program.” said Michael Jarouche, Vice President for Global Sales and Marketing. “Customers have continually requested quicker turnarounds and emergency part availability, and we are glad we can now offer them a solution.”
NOTE: The Platinum Express Program is subject to individual part availability based on total customer demand at any given point in time. Parts are first come, first serve with replenish periods following depletion of available stock.
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