ATD Harmonization To-date: Hybrid III 95th, 10YO

April 2, 2011 - The ATD Brand Consolidation Task Group held Dummy Harmonization Meetings on Hybrid III 95th Large Male and Hybrid III 10 Year Old Child Dummies.
Harmonization meetings for the Hybrid III 95th and Hybrid III 10Yr Old Child ATDs were held at Humanetics Innovative Solutions headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan on January 13th, and February 10th, 2011 respectively. These were the first meetings of the ATD Brand Consolidation Task Group created to specifically discuss the harmonization of multiple brands of test dummies. In attendance were almost thirty voting and non-voting members representing automotive manufacturers, regulators and safety rating groups from around the world.
The 2011 yearlong monthly harmonization meetings are part of a global effort to make technical recommendations towards the consolidation of current two brands of ATDs and ATD parts. The task group will provide their recommendations to Humanetics, the manufacturer of the two brands of ATDs, and will refrain from offering any commercial or regulatory solicitations. One of many benefits to the automotive and crash safety test industries from the harmonization will be the reduction or elimination of dummy to dummy and crash-test to crash-test variation. During the extensive Hybrid III 95th dummy meeting, the ATD was reviewed from head to toe; the similarities as well as differences of the First Technology Safety Systems (FTSS) brand and the Denton ATD (DATD) brand product were discussed.
Humanetics provided the design and manufacturing history of the 95th dummy as well as engineering knowledge generated from both trademark versions. Members in attendance also provided feedback from their own experiences with each variety. Body segment attributes of design, manufacturing, testing, durability and general interchangeability were shared and examined. Lastly, voting members cast their votes for their brand of choice based on the discussions. The ATD Brand Consolidation Task Group held similar review on the Hybrid III 10Yr Old Child on Feb 10, 2011.  The Hybrid III 10Yr Old ATD was originally co-developed between FTSS and DATD beginning in 1998.  Working together, both companies shared three-dimensional shapes for mold making and divided up the body segments for development. FTSS designed the upper torso, arms and head while DATD designed the lower torso and legs. The definition of a harmonized 10Yr Old was agreed upon and preliminary voting took place.
The final vote was deferred until the next meeting on March 14th,  2011, where discussions on the Hybrid III 50th dummy will also take place. For an in-depth review of the Hybrid III 95th or the Hybrid III 10Yr Old harmonization meetings, including voting results, please review the documented minutes available on the Humanetics website at
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