FE Q10 Child Dummy Model Release

September 12, 2012 - Humanetics has developed and released a first version of the Q10 Child Dummy FE model in PAM-CRASH and LS-DYNA codes.
The Q10 is a newly developed dummy representing a 10-year-old child. Both Q10 and Q6 child dummies are planned to be introduced in EuroNCAP front and side tests by 2015.
The Q10 Finite Element model has been built based on the most recent test data available. It has successfully passed the validation and robustness tests counting a total of 14 load cases at component and full dummy levels. The model developments followed the same standards as set by the European Q6 model consortium group.
An EPOCh Project dissemination paper presented at the Protection of Children in Cars Conference 2011 provides more information about the Q10 hardware.
The Humanetics team is excited to continue with the Q10 FE model developments and is exploring the opportunity to develop Q10 models in other software codes.
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