Message from the President

Exciting Times
This is the most exciting time in the automotive industry in the last 100 years. Not since Henry Ford transformed the industry by making the automotive within reach of the average consumer, has there been this level of excitement, innovation and disruption within the industry. Electrification, autonomy, cybersecurity, crash avoidance, occupant safety – all issues and challenges attracting billions of dollars of investment as well as the best and brightest minds to the industry.
Despite all the buzz around the industry, one thing remains the same … safety is still the most important factor for consumers considering the purchase of a new vehicle. When it comes to autonomous vehicles (AV), the US is by far the world leader in AV innovation, with hundreds of AV companies headquartered here. However, a flourishing AV market requires the consistent implementation and rigorous safety testing of all new technologies. This is imperative to win over consumers, especially those skeptical of AV safety. 
With all of this change, there is much work to be done in the field of automotive safety. For our part, we at Humanetics Innovative Solutions have been investing our time and financial resources in various initiatives to ensure all road users are protected, regardless of the type of vehicle in which they are riding.
  • New Dummies: We recently rolled-out THOR, the most advanced, human-like crash test dummy introduced to the market in over 30 years. First came the THOR-50M and then, in late 2018, we completed the THOR-5F (female). We also created the first-ever Elderly and Obese crash test dummies to protect two of the most vulnerable road user groups. Finally, in 2019, we introduced the THOR AV ATD and FE virtual models specifically designed for the testing of autonomous vehicles.
  • New Facilities: In late 2017, we moved into our new corporate headquarters in suburban Detroit. This custom, world-class facility has allowed us to greatly improve efficiency and we received the 2018 Best & Brightest in Michigan and Best & Brightest in Michigan Wellness awards. Our Huron facility was recognized as a 2018 Best Workplace in Ohio. Additionally, we moved into a new facility in suburban Boston, expanded our facility in Japan, added a full-service sensor facility in Sri Lanka and opened a new location in Bangalore, India. These investments allow us to recruit and retain top talent and to provide our customers with the best possible service in every major global region.
  • New Technologies: We continue to develop and introduce the most advanced technologies into our products. For example, we are currently in the process of rolling-out a sophisticated fiber optic rib deflection, measurement system that will revolutionize the way we measure the impact on an occupant in a crash.
  • New Products & Companies: We have also pursued strategic acquisitions to add select new products and to expand into additional market segments including aerospace, medical and energy. With our recent acquisitions of FronTone, DSD Testing and AICON’s safety testing products, we added state-of-the-art passive and active safety equipment to our growing portfolio of testing equipment. We significantly expanded our sensor portfolio with the acquisitions of AeroSense, Fibercore and OpTek Systems, through which we are now able to offer mission-critical aerospace sensors and complete integrated fiber optic sensing solutions.
  • Industry Standards:  When you consider the recent uptick in the number of highway deaths caused in large part by distracted driving, the rapid development of autonomous vehicles and the growing number of vehicle recalls over the last few years, it is clear that new safety standards and an updated NCAP star rating system is desperately needed. That’s why we are actively working with government regulators and industry groups to promote NHTSA’s proposed new NCAP testing guidelines. Additionally, we recently formed the Autonomous Vehicle Occupant Safety (AVOS) Consortium with other forward-thinking private sector organizations including Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Zoox, Faurecia and Autoliv to establish a set of clear safety validation methods for a new generation of cars that will have seating arrangements far different from the standard limited recline, forward-facing seating with which we’re all accustomed.
As we navigate our way into this dynamic new automotive landscape and continue to build on our recent success, we remain focused on our two most important stakeholders.
  1. To our Customers: Thank you for trusting us to support you in your safety testing needs. We are honored to be your partner in safety and are committed to continuous improvement to provide you with world-class service everywhere you are across the globe. We don’t take this responsibility lightly.
  2. To our Employees: Thank you for your hard work and dedication in making Humanetics a truly great company. You are the heart and soul of this organization. We have hundreds of professionals around the world who are all committed to excellence and making a difference in the world.
At Humanetics, our passion is safety and everything we do is driven by our mission of saving lives.
Mr. Christopher J. O’Connor
President & CEO
Humanetics Innovative Solutions, Inc.