PraxisConference AEB 2019


Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) is proving to be one of the most effective technologies available today to reduce the number of rear end car-to-car collisions, pedestrian and cyclist accidents. Further advances in the technology are underway:

  • AEB for Vulnerable Road Users
  • AEB for intersection collision avoidance

In the near future the AEB technology will be accompanied by Autonomous Emergency Steering (AES). The combination of AEB and AES has the potential to also reduce car-to-car head-on, junction-, intersection-collisions, accidents with oncoming traffic and single-car accidents.

As more engineers in the industry are involved in Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) technologies development and adaptation, it is now important to provide a forum such as the PraxisConference AEB for the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Sep 24-25, 2019
Schlüsselfeld, Germany