Head Drop Test Fixture TE-100/TE-100-E

The Head Drop Test Fixture is primarily sold to meet the head test requirements for the Hybrid III 50th, 5th, 95th, SIDIIs, Hybrid III 6 Year Old dummies and the Free Motion Head form.  By using the optional equipment, the following dummies can also be tested: Hybrid II 50th, Hybrid III 3 Year Old, Hybrid III 10 Year Old, CRABI, BioSID, EuroSID, ES2, and WorldSID.
The Head Drop Test Fixture meets the specifications listed under CFR 49,Part 572.  Three uniaxial accelerometers are required, but not included.  Four Channels are required to run the Head Drop Test Fixture.
Part Number TE-100 is designed for 110-volt, 60-Hz AC power and the TE-100-E is designed for 220-volt, 50-Hz AC power.  This fixture does not inlcue transducers for measuring force, displacement or acceleration.  Data acquisition equipment and processing software are available and can be ordered separately to meet specific requirements.
Humanetics can provide turnkey certification equipment and systems services. This includes certification, data acquisition equipment and software installation, with complete system operation testing and training for all components.

Technical Specifications

Fixture Dimensions:

Length 25 Inches
Width 29 Inches
Height 70 Inches

Equipment Included


Head Suspension Cables for Hybrid II 


Plate and Head Drop Fixture


Head Positioning Gage Hybrid II and Hybrid III Gage for Head Drop height and angle adjustment of the Hybrid II and Hybrid III head drop test


Head Drop Stand Weldment

Optional Equipment

TE-103-100    Head Suspension Cables for Crabi 12 Month Old
TE-107-001 Structural Replacement for Hybrid III Three Year Old
TE-107-002  Head Suspension Cables for Hybrid III Three Year Old
TE-100-330 Head Drop Bracket ES2
TE-100-200 Head Drop Test Upgrade Kit-ES2
TE-103-BIO Head Suspension Cables BIOSID & SIDIIs, ES1
TE-103-50-2 Head Suspension Cables for HII 50th
TE-106 Head Positioning Gage for BIOSID, ES1, ES2, SIDIIs.  Gage for Height and angle adjustment of lateral head drop
W50-82100 Head Drop Bracket
TE-260-1 Electrical Release