Foot Compression Test Fixture 320-0000/320-0000-E

The Foot Compression Test Fixture meets the Hybrid III 50th and 95th 45 degree foot test requirements established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).  By using optional equipment the Hybrid III 5th female dummy can also be tested.  This is a compact, sturdy test apparatus to perform the certification test for the foot compression.
Part number 320-0000 is designed for 120-volt, 60-Hz AC power and 320-0000-E is designed for 220-Volt, 50-Hz AC power. This fixture includes a load cell, linear actuator and controller.  Two channels are required to run the Foot Compression Test Fixture. 
Humanetics can provide turnkey Foot Compression system under part number 320-0000-DAS (110-volt) and part number 320-0000-DAS-E (220-volt).  These fixtures include the standard foot compression fixture along with an 8-channel lab data acquisition system, pc and software. 
test equipment foot compression for dummy

Technical Specifications

Fixture Dimensions

Length 26  Inches
Width 16  Inches
Height 54 Inches (with stand)

Equipment Included

6000363 Equipment Included
320-1000 Ankle Shell Assembly for the Hybrid III 50th
320-0009 Ankle Adapter for the Hybrid III 50th
320-0011 Leveling Top Plate
320-0012 Leveling Attachment Screws

Optional Equipment

320-3000 Ankle Shell Assembly for the Hybrid III 5th