Force Measurment Load Cells and Integrated DAS (iPole)
Utilizing the 125x125mm crash wall load cell, Humanetics has developed a ridged pole that accepts 20 crash wall load cells. 
The Pole Test rig has been designed so that it fits onto the crash wall plate and can be mounted and dismounted without the need to remove the force transducers or the FTMP.  It is manufactured out of steel to a Humanetics design, specifically designed for very high rigidity and complementary natural frequencies to minimize any degradation of performance of the force measuring system.  The Pole test rig is designed to be installed via a number of optional system but ideally using a dowel system fastened by an array of M20 bolts.  The Pole test rig provides the required off set distance form the crash block and the interface for the FTMP, this means with the force transducers and FTMP fitted to the pole test rig it can be removed in one complete section simply by removing the array of M20 bolts.