iDummy is a technically advanced system that integrates the data acquisition system and instrumentation cabling inside the dummy. The core of the iDummy system is a 32-channel data acquisition system designed into a portable package, 25 x 54 x 85mm, weighing only 190 grams. The DAS features amplifiers, analog to digital converters, memory, control processor, and an Ethernet port. Currently up to four devices can be connected through a central distribution hub, supporting a total of 128 channels simultaneously. A single cable exits the dummy for network communication, trigger, and off-board power as necessary. In-dummy batteries allow the dummy to run completely cable-free in addition to providing back-up power for reliable testing procedures thereby eliminating the umbilical completely.
Cabling for each transducer is run throughout the iDummy in small channels in the flesh and spine box to hide and protect from damage. Each transducer can be conveniently disconnected from a connection at the sensor for maintenance and calibration without removing the inner cables which makes the iDummy user friendly. For current CFR and SAE Dummies, all CG and weight specifications have been met and are validated by the current Test Procedures.
Since 1999, the iDummy system has proven successful in more than 3,000 customer crash tests. These systems are currently being used by car manufacturers and research institutions around the world and have been accepted into the WorldSID program as the future of automotive crash testing.
iDummy is currently available for the complete Humanetics crash dummy product line including the new ES2-RE and SIDIIs.
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Key Features of the iDummy
• Integrated – DAS, sensors, and cabling installed inside dummy
• Intelligent – Auto-sensor ID, shunt calibration, self-diagnostics
• In-dummy – Possible 160+ channels inside the dummy,
umbilical-free, no additional test mass