SID-H3 Dummy

Available Product Lines

  • FTSS - 96-0000 (H3-SID ATD Assembly, non-instrumented)
  • Denton - 96-SIDH3-M001 (H3-SID ATD Assembly, non-instrumented)


The SID-H3 dummy combines the body of the US DOT SID with the head and neck of the H3-50th Percentile Male Test Dummy. A new neck bracket was designed for the SID-H3 in order to sustain the seated height of the US DOT SID. Revisions to the original shoulder foam pads were also incorporated.

Simulation Models

Humanetics offers highly detailed and fully validated Finite Element Models of its dummies in the codes LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH, ABAQUS and RADIOSS, along with FE modeling consultancy services.


The head and neck are H3-50th Percentile Male Test Dummy design and are certified to biomechanical corridors simulating the human response in a lateral impact. The neck bracket is a unique design for this dummy.

Upper torso was redesigned to give calibrated responses to impacts from the left or right side with reversal of certain interior components. Arms, omitted to prevent flailing and complication of torso response, are replaced by foam blocks under the torso jacket and compensatory weight is added to the thoracic spine and rib cage. Accelerometer mounts are provided at T1 and T12 (1st and 12th thoracic vertebrae).

Rib cage has five pairs of spring steel ribs with energy absorbing damping material applied to ribs with adhesive and covered with urethane shrink fit. Lead ballasts are mounted on rib cage to simulate human acceleration response. An adjustable hydraulic shock absorber controls motion.

Lateral displacement is measured by a linear displacement transducer mounted between the ribcage and thoracic spine. Lateral acceleration can be measured by accelerometers mounted on rib ballasts.

Rib wrap made of Ensolite ® surrounds ribs to modify response. Yellow urethane torso cover separates into left and right halves using front and rear zippers.

Lower torso, modified from Hybrid II, responds to impacts at hip rotation centers (H points) from left or right side. Accelerometer mounts provide for lateral, front to back, and vertical accelerometers.

Lumbar-to-pelvic adapter bracket has added socket for pelvic angle gage to aid dummy positioning.

Legs are Hybrid II design with the addition of pivots in the femur load links to allow lateral motion of knee in relation to upper leg to prevent breakage of leg component.

Technical Specifications

Test Equipment

Location Fixture Description
Head TE-100 Head Drop
Neck Pendulum
Thorax Pendulum
Lateral Impact Adaptor
H-Point Locator
SID Damper Test Unit
Abdominal Compression Test Fixture
Center of Gravity TE-900 Center of Gravity Measuring Fixture
External Dimensions TE-1000 External Dimensions Seat

Assembly Weights

Part Weight (lb) Weight (kg)
Head 10.0 4.5
Neck 2.7 1.2
Upper Torso 65.6 29.8
Lower Torso 36.9 16.7
Upper Legs 35.5 16.1
Lower Legs and Feet 19.4 8.8
Total Weight 170.2 77.2

External Dimensions

Description Dimension (in) Dimension (cm)
Head Circumference 22.5 57.2
Head Width 6.1 15.5
Head Length 7.7 19.6
Erect Sitting Height 35.4 89.9
Buttock to Knee Pivot Length 20.4 51.8
Knee Pivot to Floor Length 19.6 49.8