Available Models

  • Humanetics
    • T1LXM000 (THOR-LX Mechanical Assembly Lower Legs - Pair)
    • T2LXM000 (THOR-FLX Mechanical Assembly Lower Legs - Pair)


THOR Advanced Lower Leg Version 3.2 is part of the NHTSA advanced dummy effort. It exhibits improved biofidelic response and is designed to fit either the THOR or the HIII 50th dummies. 


  • Humanlike ankle motion in dorsi-flexion/plantar flexion and inversion/eversion directions.
  • Achilles tendon representation
  • Humanlike foot performance in dynamic loading
  • Compliant axial loading in tibia shaft
  • Standard H3-50M Ball Bearing Knee Slider 

Performance Requirements

The THOR-LX performance is examined according to two sets of criterion:
  • Mandatory certification requirements
  • Design reference guidelines

Mandatory Requirements

Quasi-Static tests for inversion/eversion. Moments and angle are measured.
  • At 6 Nm, angle to be from 17.5 to 21.3 degrees
  • At 23 Nm, angle to be from 29.3 to 35.9 degrees
Dynamic impact to ball of foot. Ankle resistive moment and tibia compressive force are measured.
  • Force 3058 - 3738 N
  • Moment 76.2 - 93.2 Nm
Dynamic impact to heel of foot. Tibia compressive force is measured.
  • Force 2694 - 3292 N

Design Reference Guidelines

In addition to the mandatory certification tests, design reference guidelines have been established.  Moment and angle are measured in the following tests:
  • Quasi-Static in dorsiflexion (with and without achilles tendon)
  • Quasi-Static in plantar-flexion
  • Dynamic impact test to ball and heel


The THOR-LX uses the Denton HIII 50th Upper and Lower Tibia load cells and 3-axis rotary potentiometers in the ankle. A tri-axial accelerometer can be mounted in the foot. Two accelerometers can mounted on the leg tube. Accelerometers are not included.
  • Model 4353J 4-Channel Upper Tibia Load Cell
  • Model 4509J 5-Channel Upper Tibia Load Cell
  • Model 4929J 5-Channel Lower Tibia Load Cell
  • Model 5145J 1-Channel Achilles Load Cell