Available Models

  • Humanetics - 262-0000 (ATD Assembly)


MAMA-2B (Maternal Anthropometry Measurement Apparatus Version 2B) is a kit with pregnant abdomen and torso for a small pregnant dummy. It can be retrofitted to the standard Hybrid III small female dummy (H3-5th Female Dummy, P/N 880105-000-XH). The abdomen uses a fluid-filled silicone rubber bladder to represent the human uterus at 30-weeks gestation. Compared to the original pregnant abdomen, this design has improved geometry and improved impact response to a range of potential in-vehicle loading conditions.

The MAMA-2B is still a research and development product. It was developed by UMTRI and FTSS in 2001. Two IR-TRACCs have been added to this version to measure the chest deflection. The IR-TRACC rotation around Z axis also can be obtained by the potentiometer assembled to each IR-TRACC.
The total weight of the MAMA-2B dummy is 128 +/- 2 lbs., while the standard H3 5th percentile dummy weight is 108 +/- 2 lbs.

Technical Specifications


Location Description Channels
Head: Triaxial Accelerometer Pack Ax, Ay, Az (HIC)
Six-Axis Upper Neck Load Cell
Six-Axis Lower Neck Load Cell
Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
Triaxial Accelerometers pack
Chest Displacement Transducer
Ax, Ay, Az
Dx (Std. Equipment)
Thoracic Spine: Five-Axis Thoracic Spine Load Cell Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My
Lumbar Spine: Five-Axis Lumbar Spine Load Cell Fx, Fz, My
3 Uniaxial or 1 Triaxial Accelerometers
Uniaxial Iliac Wings Load Cell
Ax, Ay, Az
Fx (per side)
Uniaxial Load Cell
Six-Axis Load Cell
Fx (per leg)
Fx,Fy,Fz,Mx,My,Mz (per leg)
Knee: Tibia/Femur Displacement (Knee Slide) Dx (per knee)
Lower Legs*:
Biaxial Knee Clevis Load Cells
Biaxial Upper Tibia Transducers
Triaxial Lower Tibia Transducers
Fx, Fz (per knee)
Mx, My (per leg)
Fy, Fz, Mx (per leg)

Test Equipment

  • FTSS Test Equipment Matrix coming soon...
  • Denton Test Equipment Matrix coming soon...
The following fixtures are required to calibrate and set up this Dummy:
Location Fixture Description
Head TE-100 Head Drop
Neck Pendulum
Neck Compression Tool
Thorax Pendulum
Chest Depth Gage Assembly
Knee Impact/Knee Shear Test
Load Distribution Bracket
H-Point Locator
Center of Gravity TE-900 Center of Gravity Measuring Fixture
External Dimensions TE-1000 External Dimensions Seat

Assembly Weights

Part Weight (lb) Weight (kg)
Head 0 0
Neck 0 0
Upper Torso 0 0
Lower Torso 0 0
Upper Arms 0 0
Lower Arms and Hands 0 0
Upper Legs 0 0
Lower Legs and Feet 0 0
Total Weight 0 0

External Dimensions

Description Dimension (in) Dimension (cm)
Head Circumference 0 0
Head Width 0 0
Head Depth 0 0
Erect Sitting Height 0 0
Shoulder to Elbow Length 0 0
Back of Elbow to Fingertip 0 0
Buttock to Knee Length 0 0
Knee Pivot Height 0 0