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Available Models

  • Humanetics - J944A
  • Humanetics - J944A-75
  • Humanetics - J944A-MTS
  • Humanetics - J944A-RU


The Humanetics Body Block is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the SAE standard, “STEERING CONTROL SYSTEM - PASSENGER CAR - LABORATORY TEST PROCEDURE - SAE J944A,” approved December 1965, last revised November 1968, cancelled January 1992. Although the standard was cancelled by SAE, the device is still specified in FMVSS 203 and ECE R12. Therefore it has been in continuous demand by vehicle and equipment manufacturers. Humanetics is making the device per the standard at the time of cancellation.

Dummy Features

The body block consists of a rubber body front half shape mounted on a wooden base. The wooden base has slats in it which set the position of the rubber body block. A leather sheet is affixed to the front of the body block with cords around the back to distribute the load and prevent damage to the rubber body during impact. Tape is applied to the head, neck and torso to stabilize the rubber body. 
Body Block Reference and H-Point
The Body Block Reference is listed in the “Dimensions and Specifications” table as “BODY BLOCK REFERENCE, BELOW TOP OF HEAD”. It is the molded forward projection running laterally on the front of the body block above the bottom and below the leather wrapping. It defines a horizontal line (parallel to the vehicle horizontal reference) which is .75 inch (19.05 mm) above the theoretical H-Point of the body block. It is used to set up the body block for the in-vehicle test. The H-Point is located at the driver’s seat reference point: the torso-thigh rotation center; also defined as the rearward seating position, the location for setup of the SAE J826 2d manikin, and referenced to the vehicle coordinates. There is no horizontal H-Point position defined.

NHTSA Application

The body block is specified for use in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations 49CFR 571.203, “Impact protection for the driver from the steering control system” (FMVSS 203). The body block impacts the steering wheel at 24 km/h and the force on the body block chest must not exceed 11,120 N except for cumulative intervals not exceeding 3 milliseconds per section S5.1(a).

ECE Application - R12

The body block is specified for use in the UN ECE regulations Addendum 11: Regulation No 12: UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL OF VEHICLES WITH REGARD TO THE PROTECTION OF THE DRIVER AGAINST THE STEERING MECHANISM IN THE EVENT OF IMPACT. (Geneva 20 March 1958 Rev 3. 30 May 1994).

The specific sections are 5. SPECIFICATIONS, 5.2. and Annex 4. BODY BLOCK TEST.  The body block impacts the steering wheel at 24.1 km/h the force applied to the body block by the steering wheel shall not exceed 1.111 daN. NOTE! Although ECE regulation R12 stipulates that the test may be performed at a speed higher than 24.1 km/h., Humanetics does not guarantee or warrantee the body block if used at higher speeds.

Humanetics Laboratory Certification of Available Models

Body Block Model Compression Test Weight CG Notes
J944A Tested/Certified *Weighed *CG Measured Customer must adjust Weight, CG and MOI
J944A-75 Tested/Certified Weight Certified
CG Certified and Marked
• Weight 75 +5/-0 lbs
• CG 21.7 + .25 inches
• MOI 20 + 0.2 in-lb-sec2 (verified by computer model only)
J944A-MTS Tested/Certified *Weighed
*CG Measured
• Body Taped
• Customer must adjust Weight, CG and MOI
J944A-RU  n/a n/a  n/a  Rubber Body Only
 *Weight, CG and MOI not sdjusted to specification.
**Ballasts for CG adjustment and backing plate for attachment to impactor.

Available Ballast Plates and Screws for Weight and CG Adjustment:

J944A-18-1 Ballast for J944 0.5 LBS .226 KG
J944A-18-2 Ballast for J944 1.0 LBS .454 KG
J944A-18-3 Ballast for J944 1.5 LBS .680 KG
9003731-FT Screw, Wood-18 X 2 Zinc Plated  


Technical Specifications

Dimensions and Specifications

Parameter English Metric
Height 37.00 +. 25 IN. (939.8 + 6.35 MM)
Body Block Reference, below Top of Head 33.0 + .1 IN. (838.2 + 2.54 MM)
Weight 75 + 5, -0 LBS. (34.0 + 2.27 / - 0 KG)
CG Below Top of Head
21.7 + .25 IN.
(551.2 + 6.35 MM)
Moment of Inertia About Lateral Axis Through C.G.
20 + 2 IN-LB-SEC2
(2.28 + .23 KG-M2)

Static Test

Parameter English Metric
Load Plate
4 x 15 IN2
(101.6 X 381.0 MM2)
Load Plate Location to Top of Head
18 + .25 IN.
(457.2 + 6.35 MM)
5 LBS.
(2.27 KG)
10 + 2 IN/MIN
(254 +/- 50.8 MM/MIN)
Load Measurement Point
(12.7 MM)
Spring Rate = 2X Load
598.6 - 800 LB/IN
(107 - 143 KG/CM)