ADAM Dummies


Available Models

  • Humanetics
    • 6886-16-7531- Large


The Advanced Dynamic Anthropomorphic Manikin developed by SRL is designed to provide accurate answers about human physical reactions in extremely dangerous dynamic situations. This fully instrumented manikin is designed to replicate the static and dynamic physical characteristics of the human body. Developed to study human physical response during high-speed emergency ejection from military aircraft, ADAM has direct applications in many other important areas where a dummy is necessary for testing human response. 

  • Experimental parachute tests
  • Helicopter seat crashworthiness tests
  • Tracked vehicle severe ride tests
  • Consumer vehicle crashworthiness tests
  • Emergency aircraft egress system tests

Biodynamic Fidelity

ADAM is designed to function reliably and accurately in these situations because of its "designed-in" biofidelic ability to replicate both joint articulations and the dynamic responses of the human body.

ADAM is designed with these biofidelic representations:

  • Body segments which approximate human surface contours, weights, moments of inertia, centers of gravity and joint center locations.
  • Ranges of motion of 39 revolute joints that replicate human articulations.
  • "Soft stops" which yield human-like, non-linear torque deflection variances for each articulation, as well as providing absorption of impact loads.
  • Independently adjustable friction mechanisms designed into each joint (not including the wrist and sternoclavicular joints) to provide for passive muscle resistive forces.
  • Biodynamic responses for both low amplitude vibration and high impact environments.

Adam Dummy Construction and Testing

Limb and Skin Construction

Limbs are constructed from 17-4PH stainless steel; the torso is constructed from 6061-T651 aluminum alloy. A heat cured vinyl plastisol provides the proper outside flesh covered body contours which also represents the characteristics of human flesh. Urethane foam in between outside and inner layers of vinyl plastisol is compliant and represents the shape of soft tissue covering.

Dynamic Spine

The ADAM spinal system is designed to replicate the human spine's elasticity in the vertical direction. The Z-axis human spine response qualities are incorporated into ADAM by using a mechanical spring/damper system in the spine.

This mechanical spine allows for human-like deformation in the Z-direction and is equipped with non-linear stops at the end of the vertical travel.

By providing a realistic spinal system, the ADAM's seated whole body center of gravity varies with the force applied to it and provides a realistic response to loadings in pitch, roll and yaw directions.

Typical ADAM instrumentation includes the following:

  • 6 component head/neck load cell
  • 6 component lumbar spine load cell
  • triaxis accelerometer packs in the pelvis, chest and head
  • rotary transducers at 32 revolute joints

The ADAM instrumentation system has been designed to survive harsh operating conditions, including those associated with high-speed, high-g, high aerodynamic pressure and high altitude ejection seat tests.

Data Acquisition System

ADAM incorporates an onboard, computer-controlled 64 data channel instrumentation system that provides signal conditioning, telemetry and storage.

Data acquisition channel count supplier and specifies may be modified subject to quote.

An on-board, lithium battery, power supply the ADAM instrumentation during a test. A high speed port downloads all internal memory to a retrieval and storage system in approximately four seconds at the completion of a test.

The entire instrumentation system, including A/D conversion circuit and memory, is located in Adam's viscera, encased in an aluminum box.  

Careful wiring permits full joint articulation and upper body motion to occur without interference. Wires from sensors are routed to avoid interference with system elements during tests in which the full range of articulated motion occurs.

Verification Testing

ADAM has been subjected to the following verification testing:

  • RFI and EMI
  • Vibration: 5 to 200 Hz's at various "g" levels
  • Environmental tests from 350 to 160°F and relative humidities from 14% to 8%
  • Gz impacts to 25 "g's"
  • Gy impacts to 14 "g's"
  • Gx impacts to 45 "g's"

The ADAM Program was sponsored by the Harry G. Armstrong Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory under contract F33615-85-C-0535. The ADAM dummy was developed and produced through the cooperation of First Technology Safety Systems and Veridian Life Sciences-Bio-PO

Technical Specifications

Assembly Weights

Part Weight (lb) Weight (kg)
Large ADAM 217.0 98.43

External Dimensions

Sitting Height

Description Dimension (in) Dimension (cm)
Large ADAM 37.5 95.25

Standing Height

Description Dimension (in) Dimension (cm)
Large ADAM 74.3 188.72