Message from the President

Dear Valued Customers,

On behalf of Humanetics, I would like to sincerely thank you for being our valued customer and for your continued support as we strive to serve you better.   It is our wish to thank you and also provide an update of our company’s performance as we have done on several occasions during the past few years.  At the time of our merger in 2010, we communicated to our customers worldwide and made key promises that we would accomplish certain goals.  These promises included:

  1.  Improving the financial stability of our company to ensure long-term stability for  our customers;
  2.  A commitment to re-invest back into our business to improve customer service,  while continuing the development of existing and new safety products and;
  3.  A continued commitment to the improvement of both quality & delivery.  

Today, I’m very happy to report our progress related to these promises, as follows: Financial Stability In recent years, we have been able to consolidate within our facilities and standardize engineering & manufacturing systems and related processes to achieve higher efficiencies, reduce lead times and improve quality in our manufacturing operations.  By partnering with our investment group, we have been able to collectively invest over $60 million back into the business.  This continued investment has secured Humanetics financial stability and enables Humanetics to invest in ATD development and manufacturing as occupant safety continues to advance worldwide.  No other ATD, instrumentation, or ‘crash test’ supplier has ever reinvested this level of long term financial commitment to insure continued stability for our customers.

  • Re-investment in Company: As promised, Humanetics reinvested back into the business to: 1. Improve manufacturing performance, 2. Increase engineering capabilities; and 3. Improve customer service.  For example, we invested over $30 million in new manufacturing equipment and capital expenditures to improve our quality, on-time delivery and reduce lead times.  Humanetics has added over 188 new employees worldwide, including 43 within Engineering and Program Management, to support existing and new product development.   Humanetics has invested over $7 million per year in Research & Development and Engineering of new products such as THOR and WorldSID.  In total, Humanetics has invested over $35 million in the past few years for Research & Development and Engineering of new products to satisfy the advancing safety requirements of future crash safety.
Humanetics has significantly improved our service commitments to our customers and expanded support for new ATDs such as the THOR, WorldSID, FLEX-PLI and Q Dummies, while striving for a new level of communication, transparency, and customer satisfaction.  We've established new worldwide in-house training programs, both for our customers and our internal staff. These sessions cover a broad range of topics including dummy background, handling, data processing, certification, and disassembly with multiple training sessions available throughout the year in the US, Europe, and Asia. We've expanded our service staff to accommodate the growth of the new advanced dummies and improve the care customers receive. This year we introduced an ATD Complexity Reduction Program in order to simplify the purchasing process for integrated ATDs by offering tiers of standardized option menus. Our new Humanetics ATD Maintenance Program is a comprehensive care and savings package for our customers.
  • Improved Quality & Delivery:  Based on recent CAPEX investments of over $6 million, Humanetics has improved quality by 39.5% and reduced delivery time by an additional 14%.  Humantics introduced the Platinum Express spare parts program providing our global customers immediate shipment of the most common spare parts for our ATDs within 24 hours of ordering.  Humanetics has also positioned over $2 million in common spare stock throughout our global offices worldwide.  This increase in spare stock, coupled with our substantial capacity improvements, has allowed Humanetics to yield an average spare delivery of less than four weeks.  In fact, many customers have recently reported spare part delivery in less than one week!
While we are pleased with our progress to date, we will not stop with these initial accomplishments.  As a global leader, we will continue to make improvements through our strategic initiatives to further enhance productivity, delivery and quality.  Our 560 employees worldwide are dedicated to provide you with improved services, advanced technology and innovative solutions.  Just like you, every employee at Humanetics is absolutely passionate about safety!
We appreciate your business, support and valued trust as your… “Partner in Safety”
Mr. Christopher J. O’Connor
President & CEO
Humanetics Innovative Solutions, Inc.